My opinion

on contemporary astrology.

I’ve always believed that the 12 main zodiac signs are very important. Both Western and Asian signs.

An astrology based only on 12 signs will never be complete. But we must first clarify the question of “completeness”.

Below I describe my personal views on modern astrology.

The ascendant from my point of view:

I was never interested in the time of birth. I can’t imagine at all that the time of birth (from which one “builds” then the ascendant) has an influence on the human character. Today, then, certainly no longer, where in hospitals you can give birth to the baby a day or two before, or even delay it by a day. Wanting to deduce a character from an hour sooner or later I find it ridiculous and does not put in good light the real astrology. This “exit from logic” even makes the whole of astrology unreliable and it is – in my opinion – a product of pure fantasy.

I firmly believe that the ascendant is a “wrong construction” in order to understand for example the desire of a Taurus or even a Virgin to want to travel the world and their possible chaotic relationships. But here it is enough to observe the Chinese signs and when you find yourself in front of a Tiger or a Dragon, then you immediately understand everything. There are actually Tiger-Taurus that travel the world and sleep under the stars and also get married 3 times. And trouble to you if you put them in a cage. This is not at all typical of the Taurus or the Virgin, but very typical for the Horse, Tiger or Dragon. With an ascendant it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

And then the fable of the new planets! Pluto was discovered less than 100 years ago, but astrology is thousands of years old! Beyond that: But how can the irrelevant gravitational force of Pluto or Mercury influence our character? Then, wanting to bring Pluto into play, it offers the opponents of astrology the necessary proof of how many charlatans are among us.

While the 3 decans of our astrology, the elements of Chinese astrology and the gravitationalally important planets, such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, these yes, that could affect the character of a person. Our Moon, however, should be placed in 1st position.

My brief summary against the ascendant:

  • At birth, the time of birth is often recorded in quarters of an hour. That is, with an error coefficient of 15 minutes.
  • It is up to the doctor or midwife to give the exact time. A new possible error coefficient of approx. 15 minutes.
  • The newborn baby, after 9 months of development is already complete, also its character. To infer, from the moment in which it leaves the uterus, that the stars that are thousands of light years away can determine its character, is outside any logic.
  • In the case of a Caesarean section, birth is anticipated or even postponed. Here, too, an error coefficient of about 12 to 48 hours.
  • The exact calculation of leap years and the determination of the exact location is often irregular. Here, too, a new error coefficient of at least 2 hours.
  • The Gregorian calendar must first be interpreted in an exact astronomical way and the movements that occur because of leap years (not only those of every 4 years) must be examined carefully. Errors of at least 12 hours can be created here.
  • If the birth takes place at 12 o’clock in the midday, then the sun covers the zodiac sign behind it. The high solar radiation and its enormous gravitation make any ascendant unreliable.
  • And finally, we must also take into account the development of the stars themselves that, in recent centuries, have not remained in their place. And right here the ascendant definitively ends. Because the ascendant, if it really existed, should be something exact.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the real astrology has been subdued and torpedoed premeditated with a lot of charlatanism by our opponents. Especially with the ascendant that is outside of any logic. Because a real astrology has no right to exist. Otherwise they could solve too quickly a lot of character problems and unnecessary quarrels, without having to go looking elsewhere.

Today’s astrology needs more science and statistics and much less esotericism.