Between 2 zodiac signs

and the problematic with the point of intersection.

If you observe two successive zodiac signs, then somewhere there must be a shift from one sign to another. Aries, at the point of intersection, cannot become a Taurus from one second to another. But in this case there must be a reliable passage. Even a Taurus cannot then become a Twin in a thousandth of a second. This is not at all reliable and it is out of logic.

Below I would like to explain my thoughts on this issue.

The point of intersection between 2 zodiac signs and their passage

Let’s look at the passage between Aries and Taurus as an EXAMPLE. Two completely different characters.

In this example I use a graphic curve to express my opinions. Whether this curve is the right one or not is not the theme of this exhibition. Here I just want to discuss the real problem of the passage itself between a sign and the other.

In this graph you can clearly see that “on the last day” Aries makes a real leap “in the” sign of Taurus. Moreover, it is well known that the real point of intersection takes place at a certain time of day that changes from year to year. But suppose we have looked well in the sky under what astrological sign we are at that moment and the point of intersection is the exact one.

The graph shows that this step takes place quickly. But it cannot be a thousandth of a second that changes the character of a person. This is absolutely unreliable and out of any logic.

The following factors must also be taken into account:

  • When does the birth itself last?
  • C-section or natural childbirth?
  • How do your doctor or midwife record your time of birth? Maybe every 15 minutes?
  • What time did the doctor or midwife indicate as the time of birth? The exit of the head, the exit of the whole body or the cut of the umbilical cord, or when they started or even finished their work?
  • Is this a premature birth that was made with a caesarean section?
  • Is it a postponed birth for hours by medical infusion?
  • Can the exact zodiac sign still be determined today, after all the movements of the stars over the last millennia?

If you observe all these factors then, for the last day of a zodiac sign, many questions will remain unanswered.

My personal opinion

Considering the above and following the general logic, around the point of intersection between two zodiac signs, 12 hours before or after, it is not possible to determine anything exact about the character of a person. To want to determine at any cost the character of a person, considering the time of birth, one pushes all astrology into ridicule.

Instead, 2 days before or after the point of intersection the subject is clearly “inside” a zodiac sign. This is demonstrated by the graphic curve.