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The Tiger

The Tiger is undisciplined and willingly risks. An unpredictable idealist. Always in blujeans. Wanderer without stopping. He doesn't care about formalities. Very sociable. In what she wants to do, it is very determined, but undecided about what it doesn't really care about. It loves freedom beyond anything. It goes crazy when locked up at home. The Tiger is an incorrigible optimist. It is not afraid of anything and is very determined. Tigers always do what they want to do. Even if it are half dead on the ground, trampled on and stunned, then they get up and continue that road they wanted to take.

It's a boss, stubborn but you can criticize it when you want. Accepts criticism.
It also gives a stranger his last shirt. Material goods and money do not interest this individualist very much.
In hunting and quarreling, the tiger is unpredictable and uncalculated. This is its real trump card.
Warning: The Tiger can jump on you from behind a bush. There, where no one would have foreseen it. And if the Tiger is seriously injured, then it retreats into the jungle to lick its wounds. And when everyone thinks that she is dead and eaten by worms, then it unexpectedly jumps on you.

How to conquer male Tiger:
Here it can be very useful to poking lovingly the tiger man. To provoke the tiger man a little serves a lot of purpose. Invite him to the next snack bar. There, at the standing table, you can get a little closer. If you don't like snack bars or padded sandwiches, then leave it alone and go find another one.

How to conquer female Tiger:
The tiger woman can be invited to a picnic at the top of the highest mountain in your region. Or behind a waterfall of a river. Even a rowing boat trip would not be bad. But don't forget to bring along some excellent sandwiches and mineral water. And provoke it a bit with a lot of affection. But everything has its limits. Don't provoke the tiger woman too much, because when she has had enough of you she is able to jump off an airplane without a parachute, or she dives into the water and swims ashore.

Popularity: Very popular, since it is always ready to help others and also you can even criticize. Hated by his enemies, because he NEVER gives up.

Temperament: Fire and lightning, passionate and brave.
Character: A chief. Accepts the opinion of others and can be criticized. The tiger is capable of dragging behind a well-motivated team.
Patience: Little
Sex: Very important, passionate, erotic, in all positions, but also loving.
Loyalty: He loves all people of the world.
Family and children: He manages to entertain and educate children well impeccably. It is very loyal only to the right partner.
Likeliness to impose: Very high.
Professions: Manager, chief of staff, dangerous sports and hawk in politics, bestselling author. Revolutionary, rebel, terrorist and general.

The relationship between the Tiger and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat The clever little mouse and the big Tiger, who's not afraid of anything. Problems arise here. The Tiger doesn't take care of the security needs of its little Rat, because the Tiger doesn't even know what fear or pessimism is. The Tiger always wants to have an independent partner who looks to itself. Here, Western zodiac signs can immediately destroy the base or offer an acceptable base.
Ox The Ox and the Tiger does not ever understand. Even if the western signs are great between them. The Tiger rebel, freedom-loving, it never will subordinate to Ox, even if that tempts us throughout life. Here the signs Western could help a lot, but only if they are great between them. Otherwise you should leave it alone or take over certainly a catastrophe.
Tiger 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Rabbit The Tiger, who has a life that resembles a carousel, will always hurt her very homely Rabbit. But this will weigh heavily on the conscience of the Tiger. Because in the depths of their souls these two very different beings are perfectly understood and complement each other. One day, the Tiger will calm down and rest definitively on its Rabbit, and together they will spend the rest of their lives happily. The Rabbit, on the other hand, will always forgive the solitary journeys around the world of the Tiger. Of course, the Western signs of the zodiac must not be in contrast with each other, otherwise this relationship will break up very quickly. But if the Western signs are well together, then the Rabbit will be able to better understand the Tiger's desire for freedom and this relationship will last a lifetime.
Dragon These two great beings create a very good relationship. Mutual respect will never be lacking. Not even in love. Our Western signs can regulate many things here, but destroy almost nothing.
Snake "I love you and I hate you", that's what these two completely different beings will say every day. They have a great mutual physical attraction and so they are not always able to break this relationship. Our Western zodiac signs, if they are well together, could hold this relationship together for many years.
Horse The Tiger and the Horse create a perfect union. Both objectives and feelings are congruent. They both love freedom and will leave each other to long reins. Even the Western signs will not be able to bother these two very much.
Goat This is where two completely different beings collide. The pessimistic Goat that needs security will cause the optimism of the Tiger that is not afraid of anything. One day the Tiger will eat the Goat. Only if our western astrological signs are well together, then this relationship could hold up for a few years. But not for life.
Monkey Tiger and Monkey are two kinds of risks. But while the Tiger is with all 4 legs on the ground, the monkey will jump from tree to tree pulling coconuts on the head of the Tiger. This is a practically impossible relationship. Only if the two western signs are 100% good between them will it be possible to create a relationship here for a few years. But not for life. Also because they both leave each other all his freedoms.
Rooster This is a highly passionate love affair that will ruin the nerves of both sides. It would be better to leave it alone. But the fiery nights of love unfortunately hold this relationship together for too long. Then in the morning, when you wake up, the daily quarrel begins. Not even two good Western zodiac signs can calm down the proud and majestic Rooster, proud of himself, and the Tiger, who doesn't care what others think of her.
Dog The Dog understands the rebellious ideas of the Tiger well. Together they will go a long way. The Tiger always returns gladly from its faithful Dog. The Western signs may disturb a bit here, but they must be really contrasting in order to ruin this relationship.
Pig Here is a good relationship. The Pig admires the Tiger and does not limit the freedom of the Tiger. Our western zodiac signs can strengthen this relationship if they are in a good average between them.