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The Snake

This is a Chinese zodiac sign with a strong will. A being with deep thoughts and feelings, astute and mysterious. He gives much importance to his presence which must always be impeccable. Especially snake women are always dressed well and sexy and are often found at the hairdresser's. Snakes usually have their own irremovable opinion. The snake is vindictive.
This sign tends to overestimate itself. But it is also an intricate seductive. To a snake woman men often can not resist. The snake woman knows she is superior to any male and so you don't ask many questions about equal rights.
The snake man always earns a lot of money and has a strong influence in society.
The snake has a forked tongue. It is able to philosophize. It is not very diligent at work but it is capable of making others work for itself. Thus he will always reach his goal.

How to conquer the male Snake:
To conquer the Snake man dress you classic, stylish and sexy. You must be very attractive without falling into the primitive. Don't say yes right away. Give yourself time to be seduced. The snake man strongly believes in his ability to seduce. Leave them this belief. Even later.

How to conquer the female Snake:
To conquer the snake woman you need to impeccable clothes. Invite her in an exclusive place. But never, ever in a restaurant of few coins, or even in a box office for snacks. She wants the luxury and a man with a good regular income. If you can invite her to your apartment, make sure that this is in order and spotlessly clean. Let possibly somewhere a passbook savings, well endowed, which is not seen immediately. The snake woman has the 6th sense to find it and check it...

Popularity: Much loved for being calm, tolerant and communicative. Also charming and well-dressed.
Temperament: Quiet person, but firm.
Character: A calm person who tends to be intriguing.
Patience: Very high patience.
Sex: Very important and the bedroom serves to put the partner on the right path.
Loyalty: Poor you, if you are not careful!
Family and children: Highly responsible with the kids and very responsible to the partner, even if it were to be unfaithful.
Likeliness to impose: Very high.
Professions: Politician, financier, theologian, psychologist, chief of human resources management.

The relationship between the Snake and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat These two Chinese zodiac signs are poised on a line. The Rat and the Snake are smart and very agile, but a Snake eats mice. This relationship holds or falls depending on the Western zodiac signs.
Ox Snake and Ox they understand in their minds, but the snake could poison the Ox. This not like the escapades and never forgive this. Signs Western, though good between them, this union could help to make a good relationship.
Tiger "I love you and I hate you", that's what these two completely different beings will say every day. They have a great mutual physical attraction and so they are not always able to break this relationship. Our Western zodiac signs, if they are well together, could hold this relationship together for many years.
Rabbit The Snake and the Rabbit can live happily together. The Hare will have to make her great tolerance play, then everything will be fine. Our Western signs of the zodiac will be decisive for this relationship..
Dragon Snake and Dragon are a good union in love but less good in everyday life. It could be a problem. This couple is strongly influenced by our Western zodiac signs.
Snake 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Horse The calm Snake often does not understand the Galloping Horse. The Snake is agile enough to dodge the Horse's hooves. Even when this one gets weird. This makes the Horse even more nervous. Even 2 good western signs will not be able to keep this union together for long.
Goat Goat and Snake are a medium-range relationship. They are 2 calm signs. Again, this relationship holds or falls depending on the Western zodiac signs.
Monkey The silent Snake, which reflects deeply, cannot be joined to the superficial monkey that does what it wants. There is nothing that can bind these two together. Although our Western zodiac signs should be perfect, with each other, this union will only hold up for a few years. Certainly not all of life.
Rooster The Snake and the Rooster love each other in the depths of their souls. Both are very conservative, traditional and proud of themselves. They will never take steps without first thinking about it together. Even mediocre Western zodiac signs won't be able to break much here. At most, perhaps to disturb a bit.
Dog The faithful dog can not hide his jealousy when Snake comes out in the evening, out of the house alone. Passional disputes it will be the consequence. Otherwise, these two signs understand each other very well. Our Western astrology is capable of making this couple harmonious, if the signs are good together.
Pig Continuous conflicts between the Wild Boar and the Snake. They do not understand each other deeply. Our Western signs of the zodiac should be excellent for holding up this apparently impossible relationship. But it may be considered an exception.