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The Rooster

The rooster is proud of himself and is very brave. It must be respected. Very traditionalist. He is with his feet still on the ground. He often quarrels with all his lovers. He has a high sense of vainglory. Nevertheless, he is a reliable friend. Woe to those who care because they love the truth about everything else. Roosters like to travel. The rooster may like luxury, but he can also give it up if everything else is in order.

For the rooster man and woman, sex is the most important part of a marriage.

The rooster is a diligent perfectionist. The work is done scrupulously.

Attention: If you hurt yourself in his honor or in his love can become very aggressive. Then you will have a fighting rooster in front of you.

How to conquer the male Rooster:
To win over the male Rooster, you need an intelligent woman. With "geese" we like to spend our holidays, but not life. If you know one you want to have, then discuss it with him. And you should blame them where you think it is necessary, because the Rooster man loves intelligent women. Then don't immediately say yes, and when you have said so you should show him that in bed you have a good consistency......then he will be all yours.

How to conquer the female Rooster:
Seducing the rooster woman can be very difficult, because she is not a chicken and self-confident, emancipated and loves the truth. To win her over you need a real man, and especially intelligent, with whom you can discuss and is powerful enough in bed. Invite her to a traditional restaurant with good food. Cuisine is more important than luxury. Because performance is more important to the rooster than appearance.

Popularity: Very popular because it says what it thinks and treat others with respect. But unfortunately inclined to quarrel.
Temperament: Strong temperament, passionate, frank and courageous.
Character: A person who quarreling willingly.
Patience: Very patient.
Sex: It is the most important thing.
Loyalty: Faithful only with the right partner.
Family and children: High sense of responsibility towards children. The woman Rooster is a mother and housewife exceptional.
Likeliness to impose: Very high.
Professions:Chief, General at the front, top courtesan, sports elite, falcon in politics, consultant.

The relationship between the Rooster and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat The Saver Rast will have its serious problems with the very generous Rooster. By the way, they don't even understand each other in their love affairs. This relationship will only work when the Western signs of the zodiac are well together.
Ox Rooster and Ox are two signs highly conservative. Together they can always achieve a good financial approval. Since the Gallo will subordinate willingly to Ox, will be able to better withstand even the too many nights without sex. The western zodiac signs could make this union indestructible, if they are good between them.
Tiger This is a highly passionate love affair that will ruin the nerves of both sides. It would be better to leave it alone. But the fiery nights of love unfortunately hold this relationship together for too long. Then in the morning, when you wake up, the daily quarrel begins. Not even two good Western zodiac signs can calm down the proud and majestic Rooster, proud of himself, and the Tiger, who doesn't care what others think of her.
Rabbit Two completely different beings who do not fit together at all. Not even two good signs of the zodiac will be able to keep these two together for long.
Dragon Here too, two passionate guys have joined forces. The Dragon and the Rooster complement each other in their daily lives and there will be plenty of activity in the bedroom. Here, these 2 unfaithful signs, could also become faithful if the Western zodiac signs are good.
Snake The Snake and the Rooster love each other in the depths of their souls. Both are very conservative, traditional and proud of themselves. They will never take steps without first thinking about it together. Even mediocre Western zodiac signs won't be able to break much here. At most, perhaps to disturb a bit.
Horse Rooster and Horse don't understand each other too well. They are two beings full of pride. Here the Western zodiac signs have their decisive role.
Goat The Rooster can tolerate the bleating of the pessimistic Goat a little bit. But the Goat will never completely understand the Rooster. Here it is an average union, which holds or falls depending on the Western signs of the zodiac.
Monkey This is where two beings collide who overestimate each other. They should leave it alone. Even the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to keep these two completely different beings together for long.
Rooster 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Dog Among the Dog and the Rooster might give rise to a relationship of fighting Dog and fighting Cock. Be careful! Our Western signs, if they are really good together, could make a relationship acceptable, but no more.
Pig The happy Pig, with tender feelings, together with the Rooster very proud of himself. The Pig can see behind the scenes of the Rooster and for this reason the Pig will be unbearable for the Rooster. Here the two Western signs of the zodiac must necessarily be excellent with each other, otherwise it is better to leave it alone.