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The Rabbit

The Rabbit is tolerant and eloquent. The good friend. An interlocutor with diplomatic touch. The best democratic politician. It is always dressed in a classic way, not exuberant. An excellent hostess. The most beloved Chinese zodiac sign.
The Rabbit is one of the best mothers and provides excellent protection for her children. She and he want to end any quarrel. The Rabbit is a little shy and loves her 4 walls on everything. The Rabbit's lair is always very clean and furnished in a classic style. A sign of conservation that never precipitates things.

Hares and cats always fall on their four legs! The Rabbit needs a strong and docile partner who brings some stability to the house. The partner and the children will never miss anything.

How to conquer male Rabbit:
To conquer the hare man you should dress classically and feminine. You have to be as docile as a kitten and let yourself be seduced in a romantic place. The hare man, very calm, knows exactly what he wants and she should stay affectionate then for life.

How to conquer female Rabbit:
Invite the Rabbit woman to dinner. Present yourself classically and impeccably dressed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Take her to a luxury restaurant and be very affectionate with the Rabbit. The affection and romance should last a lifetime, otherwise leave it alone.

Popularity: Loved by all, since she is very diplomatic, tolerant, but not submissive.
Temperament: A soul calm with its 4 paws are on the ground.
Character: An excellent friend, a little shy and tries to make peace with those who are reticent. A very respected private person.
Patience: The highest imaginable patience.
Sex: Important, with many erotic caresses and loving.
Loyalty: Total, absolute loyalty with an average partner. The hare only becomes unfaithful when the partner does not offer you enough affection and time in the bedroom.
Family and children: The best father possible and the best mother imaginable. With a high sense of responsibility towards children.
Likeliness to impose: Very high imposition in the long term.
Professions: Politician, diplomat, professor, all medical professions and rescue, an artist of cinema, classical painter, PR manager, architect.

The relationship between the Rabbit and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat Two very household Chinese zodiac signs, which have nothing in common. They do not understand each other in the depths of their souls. It is a forced union that could be improved a little by Western zodiac signs. The faithful Rabbit, who loves the truth, together with the sly Rat. Here we end up badly.
Ox 2 chinese signs peace-loving in the family. The family has the absolute priority for the two of them. The Rabbit you will subordinate voluntarily to Ox and this will always be proud of his rabbit. Depending on the western signs it might be a good to excellent union.
Tiger The Tiger, who has a life that resembles a carousel, will always hurt her very homely Rabbit. But this will weigh heavily on the conscience of the Tiger. Because in the depths of their souls these two very different beings are perfectly understood and complement each other. One day, the Tiger will calm down and rest definitively on its Rabbit, and together they will spend the rest of their lives happily. The Rabbit, on the other hand, will always forgive the solitary journeys around the world of the Tiger. Of course, the Western signs of the zodiac must not be in contrast with each other, otherwise this relationship will break up very quickly. But if the Western signs are well together, then the Rabbit will be able to better understand the Tiger's desire for freedom and this relationship will last a lifetime.
Rabbit 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Dragon The Rabbit, who is very communicative, succeeds in teaching the Dragon a little. The Dragon gladly lets himself be flattered by the Rabbit. No major problems should arise in this relationship, except if the Western signs of the zodiac are truly contrasting.
Snake The Snake and the Rabbit can live happily together. The Hare will have to make her great tolerance play, then everything will be fine. Our Western signs of the zodiac will be decisive for this relationship.
Horse Horse and Rabbit live together their passionate love. Lively quarrels, with a beautiful night of passionate love to make peace, are not excluded. The Horse should reduce its activities a little and the Rabbit should be a little more active, then everything would return to normal. This union holds up or falls mainly on the basis of our Western signs.
Goat The Hare and the Goat will furnish together a beautiful and warm cottage. They will be envied by their well-ordered home and family. The hare will take care of her goat. Even the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to destroy this relationship. At most, to disturb her a little if they are contrasting.
Monkey Two completely different social types. But they understand each other well in their soul. The superficiality of the Monkey is compensated by the firmness of the Rabbit. They will help each other to solve all their problems and for the Monkey, the Rabbit's den is always the safe haven to dock. This relationship holds or falls depending on our Western astrological signs.
Rooster Two completely different beings who do not fit together at all. Not even two good signs of the zodiac will be able to keep these two together for long.
Dog The Dog and the Hare have the greatest trust between them. 2 faithful souls who will have no problems even in love. Our Western signs will not be able to ruin much between these two Asian signs. Only if they are truly conflicting can problems arise.
Pig The Rabbit and the Rat are two souls with a deep and happy connection between them. Together they will go very far. It is an indestructible relationship, if then even the Western signs of the zodiac are good, then no one will stop them.