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The Pig

The happy and honest Pig. Diligent and hardworking. The most beloved subordinate and the most beloved superior in the workplace. It thinks positively. The Pig knows how to live the sweet life. But it is easily deceived because of its honesty and respect for others. Sometimes it loses all its money to its partner. Nevertheless, he gets up and continues his life positively. Sometimes a few extra pounds since it is also a gourmet.
The Pig hates quarrels and complaints.

How to conquer the Pig man:
To win over the boar man, dress up a bit sexy and take on a part of the seduction, since the boar is a bit shy. Chat a little with him and show him that you find the world is beautiful. Don't speak ill of others. Try to lure him with a good homemade dinner. He likes to see a well-ordered apartment and a good dish on the table. The rest of the seduction is up to you. If you catch him permanently, then keep him for the rest of your life, because he's a super-father and a super-husband.

How to conquer the Pig woman:
Don't have a discussion with the Pig woman. She doesn't like discussions. Don't complain and don't criticize anything and nobody. But a nice trip into nature and a great restaurant make this positive thinker mourn. She is the one who has to undertake something, that's what the Pig woman wants. As with all other women, she should be impeccable. Classic or bluejeans, it doesn't matter. Do not forget that the boar woman gets caught for life, not for a single adventure.

Popularity: Highly loved and popular, since it is honest, tolerant, respectful and helps immediately.
Temperament: Quiet person.
Character: Positive mind, independent and courageous.
Patience: His patience has no limits.
Sex: Normal importance.
Loyalty: Absolute fidelity to the partner it loves.
Family and children: Highly responsible to the whole family.
Likeliness to impose: Excellent.
Professions: Good politician, good parents, independent expert, doctor, scientist, official state, clerk, attorney, accountant.

The relationship between the Pig and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat There is almost always a happy relationship between Rat and Pig. The Pig will apparently subordinate itself to the Mouse. Our Western signs of the zodiac do not have to be excellent, it is enough that they are of medium scope, for this relationship to last for a long time.
Ox Between these two signs there is no relationship between their souls. Otherwise it would be a congruent couple in their desires and social points of view. Here, too, the Western zodiac signs are capable of strengthening or destroying this union.
Tiger Here is a good relationship. The Pig admires the Tiger and does not limit the freedom of the Tiger. Our western zodiac signs can strengthen this relationship if they are in a good average between them.
Rabbit The Rabbit and the Rat are two souls with a deep and happy connection between them. Together they will go very far. It is an indestructible relationship, if then even the Western signs of the zodiac are good, then no one will stop them.
Dragon The happy and peaceful Pig admires the Dragon and thus brings the calm needed in this relationship. The Dragon offers the necessary strength to stand out in this report. Here it is a union that, with two Western zodiac signs of average congruence, will hold for a long time.
Snake Continuous conflicts between the Wild Boar and the Snake. They do not understand each other deeply. Our Western signs of the zodiac should be excellent for holding up this apparently impossible relationship. But it may be considered an exception.
Horse Pig and Horse don't understand each other very well, but they don't understand each other very well either. This relationship holds up or falls depending on our Western zodiac signs.
Goat Wild boar and goat are 2 peaceful signs of the zodiac that willingly discuss in front of the chimney in the evening. This is an excellent all-home relationship. Not even the western signs of the zodiac will be able to ruin much here. If anything, disturb a little.
Monkey Monkey and Pig are two beings who think positively. The happy Pig will create heaven on Earth for the Monkey. Here, the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to ruin almost anything.
Rooster The happy Pig, with tender feelings, together with the Rooster very proud of himself. The Pig can see behind the scenes of the Rooster and for this reason the Pig will be unbearable for the Rooster. Here the two Western signs of the zodiac must necessarily be excellent with each other, otherwise it is better to leave it alone.
Dog The two very homely signs, Dog and Pig will be understood quite well. With two congruent Western signs a very lasting relationship will arise.
Pig 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.