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The Monkey

The mobile and fast Monkey loves the big show and be the center of attention. It is always ready for new jokes to make others look ridiculous. The opinion of others does not interest the monkey. It knows that it always manages to impose itself on others. Very sociable and friendly to everyone. But she has very few or no friends for the skin. It is always ready to make a new joke.

It divide and remarry often. Outwardly it are realists and within themselves in a world of dreams. A monkey never misses ideas. Truth is not an important thing because it does not match their virtual world. Monkeys do what they want to do and not what corresponds to the norm.

If necessary the Monkey can lose any scruple. Many elite tennis players were born under this sign of the zodiac. Also because they know how to make the opponent lose his nerves. Supermodels and other actresses were also born under this sign of the zodiac. The Monkey woman always knows how to impose herself in front of men and women.

How to conquer the Monkey male:
As a woman you should be dressed very sexy but no matter if classic or in jeans. You flatter him in a fine way. Let yourself be seduced, because this gorilla wants to show what they can do. And laugh frankly when he does one of his tricks. You can also behave in a non-conformist way. That would help a lot.

How to conquer the Monkey female:
It is very difficult to win over a woman monkey because she will always succeed in imposing herself on men. But she loves the intellectual type. Show her that you are intelligent and that you have your own vision, confident in yourself. Too luxurious a place could become boring for the monkey. But perhaps you should first check the western sign. Be careful that it doesn't get bored. Otherwise you have seen it forever.

Popularity: Very popular but not taken seriously. In the long run it is respected because it works well.
Temperament: Strong temperament. Jump from one tree to another.
Character: Flexible joker, passionate, indirectly.
Patience: A lot of patience.
Sex: Passionate and very important.
Loyalty: Very unfaithful and tends to more contemporary relationships.
Family and children: Children and parents are very important. The partner depending on how it behaves.
Likeliness to impose: Good ability to impose itself.
Professions: Seller first-class, elite woman tennis player, artist, actress, comedian, politician, scientist, engineer and researcher.

The relationship between the Monkey and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat Monkey and Rat create an excellent relationship. Two clever guys who celebrate every day. They are very united in love and the Rat manages to save some money for his Monkey. While the Monkey's optimism manages to cover up the Mouse's pessimism. Our Western signs of the zodiac should be really contrasting in order to disturb this relationship. Otherwise, no one will be able to meddle between these two beings.
Ox Ox and Monkey are two completely different signs, but they can be easily understood in the depths of their souls. As if there were a telepathic relationship between them. Moreover, both are not very altruistic. With two excellent Western signs between them, this could result in a lifelong union.
Tiger Tiger and Monkey are two kinds of risks. But while the Tiger is with all 4 legs on the ground, the monkey will jump from tree to tree pulling coconuts on the head of the Tiger. This is a practically impossible relationship. Only if the two western signs are 100% good between them will it be possible to create a relationship here for a few years. But not for life. Also because they both leave each other all his freedoms.
Rabbit Two completely different social types. But they understand each other well in their soul. The superficiality of the Monkey is compensated by the firmness of the Rabbit. They will help each other to solve all their problems and for the Monkey, the Rabbit's den is always the safe haven to dock. This relationship holds or falls depending on our Western astrological signs.
Dragon The Monkey and the Dragon are two energetic beings and here they like to risk everything. So they feel good in love as well as in everyday life. Both do not limit each other in their freedom. They thus create an excellent partnership, especially in the hotel room, as they are always on the move. Our zodiac signs will not be able to disturb this union very much.
Snake The silent Snake, which reflects deeply, cannot be joined to the superficial monkey that does what it wants. There is nothing that can bind these two together. Although our Western zodiac signs should be perfect, with each other, this union will only hold up for a few years. Certainly not all of life.
Horse Monkey and Horse are two unfaithful beings who, by the way, do not understand each other. This can't be right. Only two excellent Western signs can keep this relationship together for a few years. But not in the long term.
Goat The Monkey and the Goat create a medium relationship that can shatter into finances. This relationship holds or falls depending on Western astrological signs.
Monkey 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Rooster This is where two beings collide who overestimate each other. They should leave it alone. Even the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to keep these two completely different beings together for long.
Dog Between the Dog and the Monkey will be a medium friendly relationship. Our Western signs are capable of making this harmonious relationship or ruin it completely.
Pig Monkey and Pig are two beings who think positively. The happy Pig will create heaven on Earth for the Monkey. Here, the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to ruin almost anything.