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The Goat

The charming, sweet and lovable Goat. Very creative. A gentleman and a lady from foot to head. By nature the goat is pessimistic. It' s very sociable and doesn't feel well by itself and so it looks for a partner already in the young years. The goat wants to be financially independent.

The strength of the goat lies in its intuition, clear intellect and creativity. Her excellent ideas never end.

The opinion of others is very important for the goat.

The goat needs a partner who can offer it the necessary support and balance against its pessimism. The partner must be very feminine or masculine and firm in character. Then the goat will feel at ease.

How to conquer the Goat man:
If you want to conquer the goat you have to dress classically and show your femininity and prove that you will be an excellent and loving mother. And if she starts to look good then caress her hair and you'll have your little goat for life.

How to conquer the Goat woman:
The goat woman is looking for wide shoulders where she can rest her head. Show her that you are a strong man who resists everything and is self-confident. The rest comes from himself. The goat woman needs strong men who often lift her spirits.

Popularity: Very popular as he is charming and patient. Only his bleating could be a bit of a nuisance.
Temperament: Quiet type.
Character:A being peaceful who studies always on himself. A bit timid and indecisive.
Patience: Excellent patience
Sex: Normal sex and loving.
Loyalty: Absolute fidelity.
Family and children: The family is the most important thing. Woe to him who touches the family of the goat.
Likeliness to impose: Normal average.
Professions: Artist, photographer, graphic, politician, administrator, diplomatic corps.

The relationship between the Goat and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat The introverted Goat with the sociable Rat. These two pessimistic signs will never be understood in their soul. Even this union holds or falls according to our Western zodiac signs.
Ox The relationship between the Buffalo very realistic with the artist and imaginative Goat. A mediocre relationship. The fantasy and the bleating of the Goat could break the last nerve to the Buffalo. Only with two good western signs between them this relationship could become passable.
Tiger This is where two completely different beings collide. The pessimistic Goat that needs security will cause the optimism of the Tiger that is not afraid of anything. One day the Tiger will eat the Goat. Only if our western astrological signs are well together, then this relationship could hold up for a few years. But not for life.
Rabbit The Hare and the Goat will furnish together a beautiful and warm cottage. They will be envied by their well-ordered home and family. The hare will take care of her goat. Even the Western signs of the zodiac will not be able to destroy this relationship. At most, to disturb her a little if they are contrasting.
Dragon The calm Goat, who seeks security, together with the brave Dragon who risks everything. In their souls these two signs are good together, but on the outside absolutely not. This relationship holds up or falls with Western zodiac signs.
Snake Goat and Snake are a medium-range relationship. They are 2 calm signs. Again, this relationship holds or falls depending on the Western zodiac signs.
Horse Goat and Horse are perfectly understandable. Together they will be very successful and their souls have a deep contact. Even the Western signs will not be able to disturb much here. If then the latter are congruent, then this will be a union for life.
Goat 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Monkey The Monkey and the Goat create a medium relationship that can shatter into finances. This relationship holds or falls depending on Western astrological signs.
Rooster The Rooster can tolerate the bleating of the pessimistic Goat a little bit. But the Goat will never completely understand the Rooster. Here it is an average union, which holds or falls depending on the Western signs of the zodiac.
Dog The firmness of the Dog, with his keen sense of reality, with the imaginative and artistic Goat. This can not be good. Here, only two western signs that go great together could help to keep alive this relationship.
Pig Wild boar and goat are 2 peaceful signs of the zodiac that willingly discuss in front of the chimney in the evening. This is an excellent all-home relationship. Not even the western signs of the zodiac will be able to ruin much here. If anything, disturb a little.