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The Dragon

The casanova, the courtier, the idealist. A hyperactive person of very high vitality. The dragon is endowed with charisma. This Chinese zodiac sign loves freedom beyond anything else. Any adventure is good for the dragon. He has many friends and is always on the move. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. He is highly confident in himself and can overcome any obstacle, flying over it majestically.
The opinion of the others does not interest the dragon. A savings account is not necessary. They have a magical charm. No man can resist a dragon woman. Dragon women never reveal their love affairs.
The dragon is always frank and forthright and says what he thinks. But the old Chinese say: Be careful, a dragon is almost always made of carton.

How to conquer the dragon man:
Let the dragon man invite you to a party, or go to that party where he is. Dress up elegantly, in a classic and very feminine way. You can match the dragon man with classic femininity. And don't immediately say yes, because he must have the feeling of having won you over him.

How to conquer the dragon woman:
Alla donna drago si deve provare di essere un uomo intelligente. Invitatela in una località esclusiva. Ristorante esclusivo, opera o giro del mondo culturale. La donna drago è molto emancipata e non sa che farsene di uomini burattino.

Popularity: Carries a high appeal to his neighbour.
Temperament: Fiery temperament, passionate and brave.
Character: A free swaggering with a tendency to many relationships. An eccentric.
Patience: Normal patience.
Sex: Very important, passionate, erotic, in all positions, without limits.
Loyalty: To the dragon not interested in the fidelity
Family and children: Very responsible to its little dragons.
Likeliness to impose: Very high in a short time. Walk on the corpses.
Professions:Showmaster, PR-Manager, sporting elite, rebellious, revolutionary and hawk in politics. Great defence attorney.

The relationship between the Monkey and the other Chinese signs, without taking great account of the Western zodiac signs:

Rat Dragon and Rat are an excellent relationship. The Rat feels attracted to the Dragon and both are charming and cunning. It is a relationship where there will be lightning strikes of love.
Ox Two different characters with a completely different point of view on daily chores. This is not a good relationship. Perhaps Western zodiac signs could create a good union. But if these do not go well, then it is advisable to leave them alone.
Tiger These two great beings create a very good relationship. Mutual respect will never be lacking. Not even in love. Our Western signs can regulate many things here, but destroy almost nothing.
Rabbit The Rabbit, who is very communicative, succeeds in teaching the Dragon a little. The Dragon gladly lets himself be flattered by the Rabbit. No major problems should arise in this relationship, except if the Western signs of the zodiac are truly contrasting.
Dragon 2 identical zodiac signs are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may get bored. Especially if the two western signs also correspond well with each other. If they are contrasting, they may cause communication problems.
Snake Snake and Dragon are a good union in love but less good in everyday life. It could be a problem. This couple is strongly influenced by our Western zodiac signs.
Horse To meet with passion together and leave with a lot of temperament, that's what will happen between Horse and Dragon. Neither is able to subordinate himself to the other. Neither is peaceful or still in character. So you can not create a good union, although these two signs are understood very well. Western astrology could help a little here. But perhaps not either.
Goat The calm Goat, who seeks security, together with the brave Dragon who risks everything. In their souls these two signs are good together, but on the outside absolutely not. This relationship holds up or falls with Western zodiac signs.
Monkey The Monkey and the Dragon are two energetic beings and here they like to risk everything. So they feel good in love as well as in everyday life. Both do not limit each other in their freedom. They thus create an excellent partnership, especially in the hotel room, as they are always on the move. Our zodiac signs will not be able to disturb this union very much.
Rooster Here too, two passionate guys have joined forces. The Dragon and the Rooster complement each other in their daily lives and there will be plenty of activity in the bedroom. Here, these 2 unfaithful signs, could also become faithful if the Western zodiac signs are good.
Dog Dog and Dragon will not ever understand each. The Dragon causing continuous barking of the dog, and the dog causing often spit fire at the Dragon. Our Western signs can help a little here, but not much.
Pig The happy and peaceful Pig admires the Dragon and thus brings the calm needed in this relationship. The Dragon offers the necessary strength to stand out in this report. Here it is a union that, with two Western zodiac signs of average congruence, will hold for a long time.